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Egy Stitch & Tex 2018


                                                                                   Egy Stitch & Tex 2018 

This is the first day in Cairo,many people come and interested in our printer.


The model we show is F2280:

1:2.15m printing width with 4PCS 1024 -6pl Seiko Industry head .

  High speed (Efficient )+high resolution and bright color .

2:Directly print on various of textiles /fabric /heat transfer paper( lower the temperature) ,so actually not

   restricted by printing material .

3:Compatible ICC profile match with our material and Seiko Certificated Ink.

4:With Germany GMG as RIP for color management.

This picture show we are printing the flag orders that got during the show and sold out in the third day.

Actually we were very tried during the show,but everything is worthy.

We were in Pyramid

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