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APPE EXPO Shanghai 2018

A yearly exhibition APPE expo holding in shanghai international convention center from 28th -31st march .


During the show :

1. F1780 with 3/4 pcs 5113 and 4pcs Seiko 508 showing . 90sqm printing by 1 pass

2. F2280 with 4/8pcs Seiko 508 -12pl

3. F3280 with 4pcs Seiko 1024-6pl

Brief detail for three models :

F1780 and F2280 models are one process model .which printing +color fixing +automatic cutting =one model .

Directly sublimation .Efficient also saving labor cost


For F3280 model ,printer is separate from the heater .

High speed and Heater can work with 4 printer ,just change the fabric to be heated from the feeding system .

Germany GMG as color management .exact color also bright .Large printing width ,worry free of fabric joint .


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